Educational Evolution

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Jeff Koterba color cartoon for 4/26/2012
"Student Loan"

This image is saying that throughout the years we are in school as your get older things are going to keep piling up and eventually its going to end up having to be paid for.



Think First

Article 2

College students especially black college students are usually the ones who are quick to spend their refund checks and financial aid on things that are least of their worries. I am someone who attends college and have experienced friends and associates who may be in debt when they get out of college. Spending all this money on things the least of your worries is going to hit you in the long run. Financial Aid and your refund checks are meant to be spent on your school so that you wouldn’t have to worry about how much money you need to pay all your books , class and etc when you graduate. Instead of me seeing my refund checks and any other money that I am given goes straight to my father because I know how I am when it comes to money. If I was to be handed that extra money I know I would be in so much debt after I graduate . I would have to work my butt off just so that all my college things are paid down to the last penny.Students really think that college is free until a check is at their door asking for payments each month for when you were enrolled into college. The smart thing to do is when you get some money put it towards your school and things that you may need for your classes. College is not cheap at all and everyone cannot afford it so make sure when money is given to you , use it for something good.

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The Struggle

Article 1

When it comes to handling money African Americans are one of the minorities groups who have issues with this. We tend to always have issues with money because were not good with preparing ourselves for the worse when it comes to funds. Some of us are just not that good with handling money and being able to make sure everything is paid on time. This mainly pertains to the struggling students in the African American society who attend college. Money is being spent on things that are the least of our worries and not being spent on things that we actually need. College may be a scam and may be taking your money but this is why you have to plan ahead so that we won’t go into debt. If we planned ahead and situated our money differently, we would not be characterized as the ones that are always struggling or the ones to be broke once we step foot out of college.

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