This is it !

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This is it! This is the time where you learn from your mistakes and restart your spending habits. This is the time where you grow up and step into adulthood. You are no longer going to financial helped by your parents because this is when you put your big boy/girl pants on. Your parents may give you a little something here and there but I promise you they won’t pay for everything. They want you to start taking responsibilities on your own and seeing if you could do it by yourself.  I bet if you take what I’m saying into consideration you’re going to be set for life when you step foot out of college. You won’t have to worry about loans, books, and other things because you have taken my advice and built on your financial issues.  All it takes is for you to think about the decisions you have made in the past and try to grow from them and make yourself a better spender. While you’re in college if you don’t think that you will be able to pay for some of your school’s payments try taking out loans or even applying for scholarships. When you get these loans make sure that whatever money you get from financial aid or your refund check put some money aside each month and pay off loans so that you won’t be using your last dollar to pay off things. Applying for scholarships can also help out because with scholarships you don’t have to pay anything back because someone is given you money for the hard work that you’ve have done. I know for a lot of students that it may seem hard because you want to be up to date with everything but sometimes you have to put those things aside and put the important things in front. You don’t always have to have what everyone else has because your time will soon come. Just worry about what needs to be paid for so that you’re not working endless hours so that you could make that extra money to pay for your financial things. But all that doesn’t matter because when everything is paid off you can do whatever you want with your money.  Also let’s change the way people think about the African American society. We don’t need people to also think that we as people are going to broke once we step foot out of college. We want people to think that were able to hold on to our money and use it for something useful. Anything is possible and I know that if we put our mind to something we could really do it. It just takes time but it’s possible for anybody.

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Give New Grads a Financial Head Start

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This article speaks to the graduate students and trying to give them some advice on what to do when coming out of college and dealing with money issues. It gives helpful ways to start the grad with things him/her can use to help them financially.

Start Saving Now

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When are you going to start saving? The early you save the more money you could put aside for the things that are important and have some money left over even for yourself to enjoy. If you plan ahead, you won’t have to worry about money issues and you being in debt because you were so worried about something else that your money didn’t need to be invested in. Africans Americans are known for always being stuck with paying finances and I feel that could change for everyone. They say that were always buying expensive items and don’t plan out our money right. But that’s actually not even true! Not everyone’s spending habits and however people save money is the same. Some may actually plan out their finances so that they won’t have any issues in the long run. I know a lot of people who are financially stable and are always ahead of the game. That’s what people need to start doing. Being a head of the game, so that you won’t have to worry about money that you owe because you’ve already put payments on it. I feel like anybody can be financially stable mentally if they really put their mind to it. We also need to change the way people think about us when it comes to money. I want people to think that African Americans as a whole can manage our money and can save our money. But when it comes to college students we do not know how to save our money at all. We become so broke because when money is in our possession we’re quick to spend it and then crying later on in life because we wished we still had that money for something that you may really needed that money for.

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